Rotary Hose

Drill Flex offers many different types of kelly hose, mud hose, cementing, rotary and vibrator hose. Grade E, Grade D, cementing rotary, slim hole rotary, and more. For information and specifications for a particular rotary hose, please call us today.

GRADE D Rotary Hose
5,000 PSI W.P 10,000 PSI TEST

GRADE E Rotary hose
7,500 PSI W.P 15,000 PSI TEST

10,000 PSI W.P 15,000 PSI TEST

Here are the specifications for one of our most popular rotary hoses, Grade D - API 7K-FSL1 .

  • Rotary and Vibrator Hose, Grade D - API 7K-FSL1
  • 10,000 psi TEST \ 5,000 psi W.P

  • Grade D rotary and vibrator hose is manufactured with the highest quality material to handle the tough
    drilling applications of today’s industry.

    Typical Application
    • de-coking hose, motion compensator hose, mud delivery hose
    • oilfield, high performance industrial equipment, mining and construction.

    • Certification: API 7K
    • Operating Temperatures: -22°F to 200°F (-30°C to 93°C)
    • Reinforcement: Two high strength steel cables
    • Cover: Ozone, petroleum and abrasion resistance
    • Tube: Oil resistant for petroleum drilling fluids
    • End Fittings: API male nipples, threaded or buttweld hammer unions, unibolt, API flanges and other special connections.
    • Maximum Length: 110 feet
    • Options: Available with S.S. armor and fire protection.
We also carry Gates brand rotary hose. Click the following link for more information on Gates hose. Gates Rotary Hose