Hydraulic Hose

Because of the wide variety of applications, hydraulic hose varies in size, weight, rated working pressure, numbers and type of reinforcement layers, economics, temperature ratings and flexibility.

Low Pressure
- high temperature return line hose, flexible, 1/2 bend radius.
- sizes up through 4 1/2" to handle all return line jobs.
- resistance to hose collapse while under suction. Excellent vacuum ratings.

Medium Pressure
- Meets standard SAE and European Norm specifications
- Mid range pressure and application hose types
- Wide range of pressures and temperatures offered

High Pressure
- high impulse life, long lasting, wire braid reinforced hose.
- many styles offering constant pressure, flexibility and 1/2 bend radius rating.
- large variety of pressures, temperature ratings and sizes to handle any application

Extremely High Pressure
- constant working pressure rating per hose id. - 3,000 to 6000 PSI
- 3/8 to 2" inside diameter

We stock a full-line of quality hydraulic hose and fittings used to ensure that your operations and equipment are running safely at their peak performance.

Common Hydraulic Hoses include:

SAE 100R1
SAE 100R1 AT WearGuard
SAE 100R2
SAE 100R2 AT WearGuard
SAE 100R3
SAE 100R4
SAE 100R5
SAE 100R5 (Textile Cover)
SAE 100R5 (Rubber Cover)
SAE 100R7
SAE 100R7 Thermoplastic
SAE 100R8
SAE 100R8 Thermoplastic
SAE 100R12
SAE 100R12 High Pressure
SAE 100R13
SAE 100R13 High Pressure
SAE 100R13 High Impulse
SAE 100R14
SAE 100R14 P.T.F.E Type A
SAE 100R15
SAE 100R15 Ultra High Pressure
SAE 100R16
SAE 100R16 WearGuard
SAE 100R16 Wearguard Plus
SAE 100R17
SAE 100R17 WearGuard
SAE 100R17 WearGuard Plus
ALL TEMP (1 Wire Textile Cover)
HIGH TEMP II (2 Wire Rubber Cover
1 Spiral Braid
2 Spiral Braid
4 Sprial Braid
6 Spiral Braid
Power Jack Hose
DIN 20022-2SN
High Impulse 3 Wire Braid
Non-Conductive Twin Line
MIl-H-13531 Type 1
MIl-H-13531 Type 2