Hammer Unions

hammer union

Hammer Union Seals, Wing Unions, Lug Unions

We offer a full line of hammer union connections for use with many different applications.

Hammer unions come in welded-style and N.P.T. threaded-style.

Hammer Unions are made of heavy-duty steel for long lasting, rigorous use.
(SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 160 and XXH)

Upon request, hammer unions can be treated for use with H2S sour gas service.

Threaded Hammer Unions:
Buttweld Hammer Unions:

Mud tank and Air-o-seal Unions

We carry a variety of other union types, including mud tank unions, tank unions, frac unions, blind unions, air-o-seal unions, misaligning unions, air-o-unions, suction-hose unions, insulating unions, and blanking unions.

Contact our sales team for help selecting the proper union for your application. sales@drillflexusa.com