Cam Locks

Cam Locks

Cam Locks

Camlock fittings are fast acting quick connects for water, gas and othe fluid applications, usually made in Aluminum, brass and stainless steel. Camlocks have "ears" which act as locking mechanisims for the connection between the female "coupler" and the male "adapter".

We Stock all sizes and types of adapters and cam & groove couplers in 1", 2", 3", 4", 5", and 6" size. Bower Fittings are used for sizes larger than 6".

Drill Flex offers a full line high-quality Cam Locks, including:

- Type A Male camlock x female n.p.t threads

- Type B Female camlock x male n.p.t threads

- Type C Female camlock x hose barb

- Type D Female camlock x Female n.p.t threads

- Type E Male camlock x Hose barb

- Type F Male camlock x male n.p.t threads

- Type Dc Dust cap

- Type Dp Dust plug

- Rd Hole Strainers

- Sq Hole Strainers

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